Spray Paint

Spray Paint


Spray Paint

1.Product features:

The paint is made by mixing nitrocellulose, modified resin, pigments of various colors, additives and organic solvents. It has the features of fast drying, convenience to use, brightness in color.

2.Instructions for usage:

(1) Uses:

It is used for the paint repair for cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles, wood products, indoor and outdoor metal components.

(2) Application requirements:

Recommended number of spraying: air spray once, and dry film 20-30um.

Surface treatment: moisture, grease, dust should be removed from the surface of the object to be painted.

Application conditions: the relative humidity should not be higher than 85%.


Ventilation and fire prevention measures should be taken during painting operation. Store it in a ventilated and dry warehouse (below 45), keep it from sunlight, away from fire and heat sources; the shelf life is two years, but it can still be used after passing inspection  when the shelf life is exceeded.


The data in the instructions are got in the laboratory, and the actual data may be slightly different due to environmental changes during actual use. If the above data are changed, the company’s latest instructions shall prevail without notice.


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